The Fabric of Reality

Tobacco Rat expands his reach into the world of VR with the techno infused single Caveman of the Virtual Age. The track was made as part of a collaboration, and in response to the VR Experience designed by artist Damara Inglês in collaboration with SUTU for Verizon Media’s RYOT and the Fashion Innovation Agency (LCF). The Symbiotic_WEAR VR experience is exhibited at the Museum of Other Realities until July 2021. “The future of fashion is a symbiosis between biological bodies and virtual environments. Symbiotic_Wear is a moving installation, inspired by the notion that we are cavemen of the virtual age, the very early explorers of a virtual era that is yet to fully unfold. We got inspiration from deep ocean creatures that we imagine floating in space, like a surreal galaxy of connected beings.” Damara Inglês, The Symbiotic_WEAR experience.

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